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80 to 95% of dieters will have put their weight back on - within 2 to 5 years!


Are you tired of struggling and depriving yourself in order to try to get slim, only to find the weight creeping back on again once you have finished your diet? Are you fed up with pills, potions and artificial meal replacements; with constant counting and calculating or with 'empty' meals and still wanting more? Then you are in the right place.

In fact, this is the right place to come if you have been dieting for years, only to find the weight going back on again each time - and sometimes a bit more.

It is also the right place if you are seriously wanting to tackle a weight problem for the first time. I can prevent you from making many painful, costly and disappointing mistakes.

This is also the right place if you are already slim, but afraid of putting weight on. I can help allay your fears and teach you how to stay in optimum shape. It is even the right place if you think you are overweight while everyone else says how thin you are.

And it is especially the right place if you have already tried following the principles that I use (or have even read Paul McKenna’s book) but have had problems keeping to them; I can give you the help and support you need to make them work.

This is where you can find out how to become slim and then Stay slim:

In other words, how to Stay Slim for Good!


Diets Don’t Work

Yes, it is true that many people have successfully lost weight by dieting - only to find the weight going back on again once they had come off the diet. In fact research suggests that 80 to 95% of dieters will have put their weight back on within 2 to 5 years 1. This leads to the all too familiar Yo-Yo dieting, where for many people, they have ended up putting on quarter to half a stone extra after each diet!

The reason for this is that diets shock your body. It is as if the cells inside your body think there must be a famine. And your body’s insurance against famine is to carry extra fat. So while you are dieting, your body is busy making extra empty fat cells to fill up if you survive the famine (Oh sorry, if you survive the ‘Diet’). Once the diet is over your body starts trying to fill those fat cells (original ones plus the new ones) as quickly as possible. It is a vicious circle, where the cure itself is causing the problem.

Even turning to the power of hypnosis to ‘keep to a diet’ is the wrong use of this excellent resource. Although it will often be effective in the short term, it is going against your body’s natural instincts. We need to use this power for a far better purpose, because in fact it has been shown that in almost all cases,
Diets Don't Work!


A Better Way

However there is hope. There is now a reliable, easy and natural way to let go of excess fat and weight, and gain the slimness and lightness that will be healthy for you and will make you feel good.

It really IS easy and it REALLY is not a diet! - There are

It is just a natural way of tuning into your body – and letting IT decide what and how much it really wants and needs in order for IT to feel secure and for you to enjoy your food and to be fit and healthy.


Same System As Paul McKenna

I use the same principles that Paul McKenna has used in his Easy Weight Loss courses, his CDs and his book I Can Make You Thin.

It is based on his and other people's research on how naturally slim people eat and on what has reliably worked in the past to help overweight people to become slim and remain that way: Naturally - without any attempt at restricting their eating. They – and You – can simply enjoy whatever you want.

However, as someone who has trained with him and actually assisted him on his weight loss course, I can offer you the advantages virtually as if you were working individually with Paul himself.


So, if you want to find out how to eat happily and satisfyingly and Still lose weight, then read on to find out How to Get Slim


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1. Stunkard AJ, McLaren-Hume M. The results of treatment for obesity.
Arch Intern Med. 1959; 103:79-85.

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*Medical Disclaimer

Although we consider the suggestions given in this website to be healthy, common sense and natural, no part of this website should be considered as medical advice. If you have any doubts, are under medical care, especially for any weight or eating related condition, check with your Doctor that the suggestions here are safe for you.

People suffering from diabetes and allergies cannot eat just whatever they want without restrictions. Obviously avoid whatever you already know is bad for you. It may also take longer for diabetics than for other people to lose weight this way. If you are diabetic, check with your Doctor about any changes in what you eat, when you eat it and any required adjustments to your medication.

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