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Why See David Owen

In Order To Become Slim And Then To

Stay Slim For Good
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Why come to see me?

Some people could lose weight fairly easily just by using these principles without any other help.

In fact Paul McKenna had a telephone survey done to test the effectiveness of his book and a Massive 71% of people claimed that it had helped them. Now, we don't know exactly how much it had helped or in which ways specifically, but that is still an excellent result! However, imagine you had been given a book to read written by Paul McKenna and you knew that he had your phone number - I know that if it were me, I would read the book very carefully and then follow the principles much more thoroughly! What this shows though is that this system really does work for the majority of people so long as they have a bit of incentive and support.

My first role therefore is obviously to give you this incentive and support and if you are actually serious about getting slim and staying that way, you will want to make sure you do it reliably.


What else can I do for you?

So what else can I do for you? Well if you want to come and see me, I can use Hypnosis (only if you want it) NLP and EFT, plenty of good old fashioned common sense and the benefit of my 18 years of experience in the field to help you to:

  • Overcome any original reasons why you might have become overweight in the first place
  • Overcome anything that may be holding you back such as habits, stress or lifestyle
  • Overcome any problems or emotions that could come up as you go along
  • Overcome comfort eating
  • Comfortably kick food compulsions and
  • Monitor and fine tune your development, overcoming any obstacles that may arise and
  • Work with you to make your life even better in so many other ways.

I can help you overcome any present or past obstacles comfortably, respectfully, quickly and easily. I can teach you how to deal with any emotions that might have got in the way. I can motivate you and keep you on track and I can teach you many new ways to wonderfully enhance your life and to enable you to feel really good in yourself. So long as it is important enough for you and you are determined, these are the things that can make all the difference.

My work can be especially useful if you:

  • Have already tried these principles or you have
  • Already read Paul McKenna’s book and have had any difficulties.
  • If you are particularly large and you sense that supervision would be wise
  • If you feel there may be some obstacles to overcome
  • Or if you just want to make sure you can succeed in the quickest most reliable way possible

If any of these apply to you and you feel I can help you, then please get in touch and arrange an appointment.


Underlying reasons

First of all, whenever someone is overweight, it all started for a particular reason.

I am hoping that if you are particularly overweight, then you have already checked with your Doctor that there is not a purely medical cause. This is actually extremely rare.

Sometimes it is to do with something that happened in the past. It might have been significant, often it turns out to have been something quite innocent and small - sometimes just a misunderstanding. Whatever it might have been, it is best to resolve it so you can move on without it affecting your life any more.

However, we don't need to be spending weeks endlessly going on about your childhood or your problems.
   Gone are the days of trawling through past memories
   No more re-living the past
It simply doesn't work.

One of the great advantages of both NLP and EFT is that they are each able to help us to move on from these issues very quickly, very easily and above all, perfectly happily and comfortably.


Present day issues

Sometimes it is nothing to do with the distant past, but it is more recent and even on-going situations that have disturbed us and upset our patterns.

Here again, I can help people to not only resolve and move on from recent events, I can help you to automatically learn how to avoid or deal with them far more satisfyingly, whenever similar things come up in the future.

In fact almost everyone could benefit from some rapid, yet very effective coaching to

  • Raise confidence and Self Esteem
  • Put aside old counter productive habits and develop new, more useful ones
  • Deal with stress and learn effective ways to stay calm
  • Understand other people and be able to know how best to deal with them and any pressures they are trying to put on you
  • Set up Win-Win situations and win other people's cooperation
    (These are much better than the old, pushy, counter productive techniques that used to pass for 'assertiveness training')
  • Develop charisma and learn how to make others feel good
  • Learn how to Feel Good within yourself under virtually All circumstances


Habits Comfort eating and Compulsions

I have many easy comfortable ways of helping you to move beyond any old habits that might have been getting in the way of you keeping to the principles.

I can also teach you far better ways of handling the day to day things that in the past would have sent you unconsciously heading towards the fridge or the food cupboard to console or distract yourself.

If there are particular foods that you sense might be undermining you, or there are others that you know would be good for you, but you cannot really get any enthusiasm about them, then I have some fun ways of helping your brain to swap them over so that you feel genuinely enthusiastic about the best kinds of foods for you.

And if Chocolate or some other particular food has taken over your life, then I have a number of highly effective and yet above all, Fun ways to blow out the compulsion. By the way. this is NOT aversion therapy. You can still eat the food that once ruled your life, you can still enjoy it - often even more than you used to, but you can now take it or leave it, it is 'just another choice' and you can stop easily whenever you want.


About David Owen

Prior to my current work, I had a 20 year career in industry, the health service and the BBC including work on outside broadcasts and special electronic video effects - making people (instead of problems) disappear etc - for which I received national credits.

In 1987 I went to train as an Alexander Technique teacher for three years. This training re-awakened my deep fascination in Psychology, Psychotherapy, what makes us tick and how to get the very best out of life. In the course of this I came across NLP and through that I became interested in Hypnosis.

I have had three major trainings in Hypnosis, extensive training in Counselling, Psychotherapy and the Emotional Freedom Technique as well as specialist training as a smoking cessation practitioner.

I have undergone Ten major trainings in NLP and am now personally trained and licensed as an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, by Dr Richard Bandler, the originator of NLP and by Paul McKenna (who happens also to be one of the world's leading NLP Master Trainers and who has trained alongside Richard for many years). I have since assisted Paul and Richard on many of their trainings and assisted Paul on his Easy Weight Loss course.

With over 18 years in practice in Plymouth, I am probably the longest standing NLP and Hypnotherapy practitioner in the area.


So Are You Ready?

Losing weight and getting slimmer is not just about how you look, what you can wear or how you feel. It is not even just about any health issues that may be involved.

One of the most important parts of it is about whether you are ready to take back control over your life. When you do this, it boosts your confidence no end and gives you back your full self respect. This is far more than being about appearances; this is about who you really are!


If you think that seeing me could be the right thing for you, then you can book in for a Free introductory session with me. This usually lasts for about half an hour and is for us to find out if we are really right for each other and if I can help you in the way you really want.

If you already know you want to work with me, then please get in touch and we can arrange an appointment to get started properly.

Simply call me on 01752 361576 and make an appointment.


For even more details you can go to my Contact and Find Me page.


To call me, David Owen,

If you have any enquiries or as soon as you are ready to book an appointment,
Then telephone me on 01752 361576 (+44 1752 361 576 from abroad.)

Please, if possible, call during normal working hours or early evening.
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